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Microsoft Excel Integration enables business experts to perform complex analyses of BW data and to use Microsoft Excel functions at the same time. BEx Analyzer - a design and analysis tool embedded in Microsoft Excel - is available for this purpose. BEx Analyzer enables you to present and analyze BW data interactively in workbooks.

The workbooks can be saved as favorites or made available to other users using the role concept.

Workbooks can also be precalculated and sent by e-mail to make them available to other user groups. You use information broadcasting functions for this purpose.

Tasks on Demand

The major administration tasks to be executed on demand are:

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Setting standard workbooks

In BEx Analyzer, you can configure a standard workbook on the BW server. The standard workbook is the workbook where queries are opened. You can customize a workbook and the associated worksheets. To do this, use the functions in Microsoft Excel or BEx Analyzer design and set the standard workbook for any queries that are opened afterwards.

More information:Global Settings.

Setting BEx themes

BEx themes are common services in the Business Explorer Suite that provide format definitions for workbooks. In BEx Analyzer, themes are based on the format definitions in Microsoft Excel and include formatting information, such as background color, font and font size.

More information:Workbook Settings.

Administrating Adobe document services

To enable users to create a print version of the data as a PDF file, you have to configure and manage Adobe document services.

More information:Adobe Document Services Configuration Guide.

Tasks Performed Regularly

The following tasks are performed periodically:

Tasks Further Information

Administrating precalculation servers

To precalculate workbooks, you administrate the precalculation server in transaction RSPRECALCADMIN in the BW system.

More information:Administration of the Precalculation Servers.


In BEx Analyzer, you can record traces to analyze problems in workbooks. The recorded traces help to resolve problems that you report to SAP as customer messages.

More information:Global Settings.