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Transporting Configuration Objects Using the File SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Integration Builder provides the file system as a simple tool for the transport of configuration objects (Integration Directory Content). You can choose between two alternatives when importing and exporting:

  • Server: The export file is saved in a server directory and the import file is loaded from a server directory.
  • Client: The export file is saved in a directory on your local PC and the import file is loaded from a directory on your local PC. This alternative is useful for smaller transports.

SAP recommends that you import using the server directory option. A packaged binary file is created in a directory defined on the directory server. To import this file to another Integration Directory, you must manually copy it to an import directory (see below). You require the appropriate authorizations to be able to access directories on the SAP NetWeaver AS.


Read the information about versioning under Integration Directory Transports .


Transport your configuration objects either by using the directories on the server or the client.