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This documentation provides an entry point to the main procedures and key concepts that are relevant for those who work with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI). It is targeted at development and integration experts who need to develop and configure integration scenarios. However, it also provides an entry point to the documentation for administrators who want to operate and monitor integration scenarios.

The documentation provides an overview of the tasks and tools that come into play in integration projects.


The documentation is targeted at both beginners wanting to get involved in the topic, and experts already involved in real-life integration projects and who need all key information in one place to help them keep their orientation not lose the central theme.

Structure of this Documentation

This documentation contains the following main sections:

  • Concepts

    Provides the basic concepts in one place.

  • Developing and Configuring Integration Scenarios

    Explains end-to-end how to set up integration scenarios. Provides an overview of the basic procedures and links to detailed task descriptions.

  • Special Development Tasks

    Provides procedures and concepts about specific integration topics like mapping, routing, business-to-business integration, and cross-component Business Process Management, for example.

  • Administrative Tasks

    Provides information for administrators who need to operate an SAP NetWeaver PI landscape and to monitor integration scenarios at runtime.


If you want to get involved into the topic and set up your first running scenario, choose one of the available demo scenarios.

More information: Examples

Installation Options

You can install SAP NetWeaver PI in different ways.

In releases prior to SAP NetWeaver 7.3, an SAP NetWeaver PI installation was always based on both AS ABAP and AS Java (dual-stack). As of SAP NetWeaver 7.3, you have the option to choose an AS Java-only installation option, the Advanced Adapter Engine Extended.

More information: Installation and Connectivity Options

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