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At specified points in time, the TREX alert server performs checks that are grouped together in check sets.

For example, the system checks whether or not the various TREX servers are active or whether or not there are problems with the queues or the delta indexes.


You put together and select the check sets in the TREX admin tool (standalone).



Checks sets are executed at specified times.

To specify the time points for a check set, click the Schedule field in the relevant row. Specify the time points in Crontab format.

For example, if you specify * * * * *, you can have a check run performed every minute.

To call up information about the Crontab format and examples, choose Crontab Help.

For example, you can execute a check set that contains a low number of checks every minute and execute another check set containing more extensive checks once a day.

Functions for Check Sets

You can create your own check sets and copy, rename, or delete existing check sets.

Delivered Check Sets

The standard system contains the check sets standard and hpa.

The standard check set contains checks that should be executed for every standard installation of TREX.

If you are implementing SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI accelerator, you should activate the HPA check set.


Start the TREX admin tool and navigate to the Landscape: Alert window. To call up the configuration, choose Alert Server Configuration.

You can change the configuration of existing check sets or create new check sets here. More than one check set can be active.

To display the checks contained in a check set, click the check set in question.

You can deactivate checks in a check set by removing the selection in the Part of Check Set column.

To temporarily deactivate a check in all check sets, choose the check in question and click Disable Checks (All Check Sets).

To reactivate the check in all check sets, choose the check in question and click Enable Checks (all Check Sets).

To save your changes, choose Save. To cancel processing, choose Cancel.