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By assigning MTE classes to a collection and reorganization schema, you collect this MTE class in the Central Performance History (CPH). You can make these assignments yourself (see Assigning Performance Values to Collection and Reorganization Schemata), however you can also use the assignments delivered by SAP.

The standard assignment contains a selection of MTE classes for the following topics:


The delivered assignments only trigger the collection of the associated MTE classes in the CPH after you have activated the Central Performance History.


By default, the following MTE classes are assigned to one or both of the following delivered collection and reorganization schemata:

    MTE Class Description


    Average response time of the dialog service that includes the entire processing time of a dialog step, the time for the network transfer and the processing time at the frontend are not taken into consideration


    The time used in the network during the first data transfer from the frontend to the application server and during the last data transfer from the application server to the frontend.


    Average response time of a standard transaction that simulates the normal workload of a transaction by accessing data on the database and executing a range of ABAP function modules


    Average number of users currently logged on


    Average availability of a system


    Average availability of a logon group


    Average availability of an application server

    MTE Class Description


    Average usage of the CPU in a host system; the value shows how intensively the CPU is used and how much processing capacity is still available


    Average number of processes in a host system that are ready for execution but must wait to be processed by the CPU


    Average number of page-ins per second; a page-in occurs if a process must access a data page that is not available in the main memory. Before the process can be continued, the operating system must retrieve the page from the paging file


    Average number of page-outs per second (page-out occurs if a page is stored out of the main memory to make room for the pages required by other processes)

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