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You can track changes to the database made from the DBA Cockpit and to the monitoring setup using the maintenance actions provided in the DBA Cockpit. Changes made from outside - for example, using native database commands - are not displayed here.

  1. Call the DBA Cockpit and choose Start of the navigation path Diagnostics Next navigation step Audit Log End of the navigation path on the Database tab page of the DBA Cockpit.

    The Audit Log screen appears displaying the following information




    Start date of the action


    Start time of the action


    Target system on which the action was performed


    Type of action (name of the action in the DBA Cockpit)


    Type of command (for example, ADD, DELETE, or EDIT)


    Name of the modified object (for example, database or tablespace name)


    Name of the SAP user who performed the action

    From System

    System from where the action was performed

  2. By default, the system displays all audit entries logged during the current week. If you want to display another week, use the F4 help of the From field.

    To display more than one week, you can change the value in the field Number of Days .

  3. To display the details of an action, select the corresponding action and choose Details .

    In the lower half of the screen, the SQL statements that have been executed are displayed.