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You use append views for enhancements of database views of the SAP standard system. This includes special developments, country-specific enhancements and customer modifications.

With an append view, fields of the base tables of the view can be included in the view without modifications. This is analogous to enhancing a table with an append structure.


Append views are a new type of view that you can use to add new fields to existing database views.


An append view is assigned to one database view. You can create more than one append view for a database view.

When you activate a database view, the system looks for all the append views for this view and their fields are appended to the database view. When you create or change an append view , the assigned database view is automatically adjusted to this change when you activate the append view.


The described append technique can be used only for database views. With an append view, only new fields from the base tables contained in the view can be inserted in the view. You cannot insert new tables in the view or modify the join conditions or selection conditions of the view.


A database view V is defined for tables A and B. Table A contains Field 1, Field 2and Field 3. Table Bcontains Field 4, Field 5, Field 6 and Field 7. Database view V contains Field 1 and Field 2 of table A and Field 5 of Table B.

Database view V is used in an application to select data from tables A and B. For a special development, the contents of Field 6 and Field 7 of Table B are also required in addition to the fields contained in the view. These two fields of Table Bcan only be inserted in view V with an Append view D. You can see the structure of these views in the figure below.

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