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Web items are objects that either display data in a Web application or are used to design Web applications. These objects are replaced by generated HTML at runtime. 

Web items that display data must be connected to a data provider.

All Web items have parameters such as header, width, and height, which can be used to define the appearance of the Web items, as well as their behavior in the Web application. You can change the parameters as follows:

  • At design time, in Web Application Designer using the parameter settings
  • At runtime, in Web applications using the property dialogs for the Web item, or using commands from the Web Design API

If the data, the navigational state or the parameters change, the HTML for the Web item is regenerated.


The Web items above are available as master Web items in the Web Items window in BEx Web Application Designer. You choose a master Web item from the list, assign a data provider to the Web item, if necessary, and set the parameters. You have now created your own Web item. You can either add it to your Web template or save it for later use.