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To create a test scenario in Web Services Navigator (WS Navigator) you need to perform a manual test of each Web service you want to add. You can also do this when you want to add new steps to an existing scenario. When you have added all Web services you need, you can export the scenario as an XML file and save it for later use.


Adding Test Steps to a Scenario


When you have a scenario loaded in WS Navigator and you want to create a new scenario, choose Start of the navigation path Test Scenario Next navigation step Editor Next navigation step Remove All End of the navigation path.

  1. Choose Service Test .

  2. Find the Web service you want to add to the current test scenario.


    All Web services tested with a scenario should be available on the system you want to test. When choosing a Web service for a scenario step, you should make sure that all Web services in the scenario are available on all systems you specify during the execution of the scenario.

  3. Perform a manual test of the Web service.

  4. On the Result step, choose Add to Test Scenario .

    WS Navigator adds the information about the selected Web service, operation, test data, and expected results as a next step in the current test scenario. You can repeat the previous steps until you have added all Web services you need to the scenario.

Saving a Scenario

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Test Scenario Next navigation step Editor End of the navigation path. You can review the scenario steps, change their order, or modify them.

  2. Choose Export .

    The system saves the information about all tested Web services as an XML file. When you need to test these Web services again, you can simply import the scenario file in WS Navigator and execute the tests.