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The DataStore object for direct update consists of a table for active data only. If the Planning Mode indicator is not set, the DataStore object receives its data from external systems using APIs for filling or deleting.

The following APIs exist:

  • RSDRI_ODSO_INSERT: inserts new data (with keys not yet in the system)

  • RSDRI_ODSO_INSERT_RFC: see above, can be called up remotely

  • RSDRI_ODSO_MODIFY: inserts data having new keys; for data with keys already in the system, the data is changed.

  • RSDRI_ODSO_MODIFY_RFC: see above, can be called up remotely

  • RSDRI_ODSO_UPDATE: changes data with keys in the system

  • RSDRI_ODSO_UPDATE_RFC: see above, can be called up remotely

  • RSDRI_ODSO_DELETE_RFC: deletes data

All APIs contain parameter i_smartmerge. This is relevant when using an SAP HANA database.

A merge must be performed for database tables on an SAP HANA database. This merge is normally done automatically, but must be triggered explicitly for BW objects. In the case of the DataStore object for direct writing, parameter i_smartmerge is set by default.

The loading process is not supported by the BW system. The advantage in the way it is structured is that the data is available sooner. Data is made available for analysis and reporting immediately after being loaded.