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Bookmarks map specific navigation states of a Web application or an ad-hoc query generated on the Web. You set bookmarks so that you can access these navigation states again at a later point in time. The system creates a URL suitable for a bookmark. Bookmarks are set/used in BEx Web in the following scenarios:

  • In the context menu of a Web application (menu option: Bookmark).

  • Personalizing start views for Web applications.

  • The Save As ... pushbutton in Web Analyzer.

  • In some of the Web Design API commands that are implicitly contained and implemented in the above scenarios. You can use these commands as required to suit your needs and business scenario in a Web application:

    1. Save Bookmark

    2. Load Bookmark

    3. Call Save Dialog

    4. Save Personalization


Setting Bookmarks Using the Context Menu of a Web Application

Choose Bookmark in the context menu of your Web application. For more information, see Setting Bookmarks

Setting Bookmarks for Personalizing a Web Application

  1. In Web Application Designer, open an existing Web template or create a new one.

  2. In the Properties screen area, choose the Web Template Parameters tab page.

  3. Choose the Personalization parameter (USE_PERSONALIZATION). This enables you to personalize the executed Web template.

For more information, see Personalizing Start Views for Web Applications.

Setting Bookmarks in Web Analyzer

You save the current view of your ad-hoc analysis in Web Analyzer as a bookmark in your favorites or in BEx Portfolio.

  1. Choose Save As... to save the current view.

  2. A dialog box appears. Enter a meaningful name for the view that you want to save.

More information: Pushbutton Functions, Navigation Pane, and Context Menu


Note that when this function is executed, a bookmark is saved with the associated context framework (like with an executed exception or expanded Web item).

Creating Bookmarks Using Commands

  1. Select the corresponding command using the Command Wizard of the Web Application Designer and integrate the command into your Web application.

  2. Configure the required parameters of the command.

  3. Execute the Web application.

  4. Execute the command in Web application.

More information:


Save Bookmark

Load Bookmark

Call Save Dialog

Save Personalization

Using Bookmarks

Once you have set bookmarks as described above, the system creates a URL suitable for a bookmark, which is displayed in the address bar of your Web browser or in a message in the Web application. There are different ways of opening the bookmarks again:

  • You can copy and paste the URL into other files and save the files for future reference.

  • You can save the URL in the favorites list of your Web browser.

  • You can use external links to integrate the URLs into a knowledge management repository. More information: Links

  • Use the Load Bookmark command to open a Web application that you saved as a bookmark. More information: Load Bookmark


If you make any changes to the Web template/query that a bookmarked Web application is based on, these changes are not displayed when you open the bookmark again. If you need to make changes to an existing BEx Web application with bookmarks that is used in a live system, SAP recommends the following procedure:

  1. Create a copy of the underlying Web template and the query that is used.

  2. Make the required change to the copy of the Web template.

  3. Make the changed Web application available to your users.

Reorganizing and Deleting Bookmarks

On the system administration screen, you can use a report to reorganize and delete bookmarks. For more information, see Reorganizing Bookmarks.

Use the Delete Personalization command to remove a Web Design API personalization. More information: Delete Personalization