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You can administer and monitor SAP locks (held in the lock table by the enqueue server) with different tools: SAP NetWeaver Administrator, (SAP) Management Console or from the command-line.

The following procedure describes what you can do with the SAP MMC (Management Console).


You can use the SAP Management Console (SAP MMC, respectively) to display or delete locks even when the AS Java is not operational.

  1. Open the SAP Management Console or SAP MMC.

  2. Open the <SID> node which represents your system.

    You see all instances which belong to the system

  3. Open the node of the SCS instance. This node shows the process list containing msgserver(.exe), enserver(.exe) and gwrd(.exe).

  4. Choose Enque Locks .

    You see all locks currently set. You can delete locks with the context menu.


    Only delete locks manually when you are completely sure about it! Deleting locks can lead to inconsistencies and is written in the system log.

You can also display the lock statistic. Choose Enque Statistic .

More Information

You find other procedures to manage and monitor locks in the following sections.



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