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Adding Service Interfaces and Operations to Search FavoritesLocate this document in the navigation structure


Search Favorites is a central location in which you can store information about the search items you frequently use. When you discover service interfaces on Solution Composer systems, you can save the information about these services in the local workspace for further reference. At a later stage, you can use the enterprise services in the Search Favorites directly instead of searching for the same services again.


Viewing the Search Favorites

  1. In SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Show View Next navigation step Other End of the navigation path.

  2. Expand the Search Console folder and choose Search Favorites


Adding Services from the Search Console

  1. Find the service interfaces that you want to import to favorites.

    For more information: Searching for Enterprise Services in Solution Composer

  2. Choose a service interface that you want to import using the secondary mouse button, and then choose Save in favorites .

  3. The tool imports the service interface to the favorites.

Adding Services from a Solution Composer Basket

  1. Browse the services available in Solution Composer and add those in which you are interested to the basket.

  2. Export the Solution Composer basket and save it as a file.

    You could use basket or xml as the extension of the saved file.

  3. In the Search Favorites view, access the context menu and choose Import From File .

  4. Locate and choose the Solution Composer basket file you exported.


The service interfaces you added appear in the Search Favorites view. You can select a service interface and do one or more of the following:

  • Display more details about the selected service interface in the properties view by choosing Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Show View Next navigation step Properties End of the navigation path.

  • Open a WSDL document of a service interface in an editor by choosing the Open WSDL in editor option in the context menu.

  • Download a WSDL document by choosing the Save WSDL in workspace option in the context menu.

  • Delete a service interface by choosing the Delete from Search Favorites option in the context menu.


    If you choose to delete a node in the favorites tree that has subnodes, the system deletes all subnodes too.

    If you choose to delete the root node in the favorites, the system deletes all favorites.