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Adding IDOCXmlToFlatConvertor in the Module ProcessorLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use the IDOCXmlToFlatConvertor module to convert IDoc XML to IDoc Flat format. If you add this module in the module chain, then it converts the data in the XI message payload from IDoc XML to IDoc Flat format. For example, you can add this module to the module chain of a receiver file adapter and create an IDoc Flat file.

This IDoc module takes the module parameters, such as RFC destination name, SAP release version and TargetJRA.


You have:

Configured the communication channel.

Accessed the Module tab page.


1. Add the Module in the Processing Sequence

  1. Enter the Module Name as SAP_XI_IDOC/IDOCXmlToFlatConvertor . Add this module before the CallSapAdapter Module.

  2. Enter the Module Type as Local Enterprise Bean .

  3. Enter the Module Key .

2. Add the Parameters in the Module Configuration

  1. Enter the Module Key . The module key should be same as in the processing sequence.

  2. Enter the Parameter Name as SAPRelease and Parameter Value as the SAP release of the receiver system. For example, if the SAP release is 7.10, then enter 7.10 .

  3. Configure an RFC Destination using NWA of your adapter engine in which the communication channel is configured. This should be the SAP system from which the IDoc module can find the IDoc metadata information, such as IDoc type and IDoc segment information. For configuring an RFC destination for an SAP system see: SAP JCo Configuration .

    After creating the RFC destination, enter the Parameter Name as SourceDestination and Parameter Value as the destination system name that you have created.

    For example, if you have created a destination ABC_000 in NWA, then specify this as the Parameter Value .

    If a destination is already configured for the SAP system, then you need not create a new destination again, you can however specify the name of an existing destination.

  4. Create a JCA Connection Factory in NWA. To create the new JCA Connection Factory:

    1. Log in to NWA, choose Configuration Management > Infrastructure > Application Resources .

    2. Choose All JCA Resources from the Show field.

    3. Under the Resource Name column, choose SAPJavaResourceAdapter15 .

    4. Under Resource Details , select Dependent JCA Connection Factories and Copy & Add new JCA Connection Factory .

    5. Enter the JNDI Name .

    6. Select and set the Configuration Properties .

    More information: SAP JRA Configuration .

    After creating the JCA Connection Factory, enter Parameter Name as TargetJRA and the Parameter Value as the new JCA Connection factory that you have created.

    If a JCA Connection Factory is already configured to the SAP system, then you need not create a new connection factory, you can however specify the name of an existing connection factory as the parameter value.

  • This module handles only SAP releases above 4.0.

  • This module handles UTF-8 encoded xml only.