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 Operating the Alert Monitor


The following section contains a short overview of the operation of the Alert Monitor. For more information, see the Tutorial for the Alert Monitor.

Process Flow

To perform a a periodic check of your monitored systems, follow the procedure below:

  1. Start the alert monitor by calling transaction RZ20.

The system displays the CCMS Monitor Sets screen. Every monitor set contains monitors that deliver information for a particular system management topic. Expand a monitor set and choose the required monitor by double clicking it.

You can copy, change, and create new monitor sets and monitors. The icons after the monitor sets display whether a monitor set was delivered by SAP () or created by the customer (), and whether you are authorized to change the set () or not ().

  1. The system displays the tree structure of the desired monitor. The system is displaying the Current Status view in which you can monitor the current values of your monitoring attributes. If you want to analyze an alert, choose the corresponding monitoring tree element (MTE) by double clicking it.
  2. You can then check what has happened since the last check in the system. Use the Open Alerts monitoring view to see if there have been yellow or red alerts (warnings or problems). If you choose an alert in this view by double clicking it, the system displays the Alert-Browser. This displays all alerts that have not yet been analyzed in a flat hierarchy.
  3. After you have analyzed an alert and taken the necessary action, set it to Completed to remove it from the display of open alerts.

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