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Quality and test management enables the time requirements, costs, and risks that accompany software changes to be minimized.



eCATT is available in limited form for SAP NetWeaver BW. eCATT can be used for all transactions that are executed on the BW server - with the exception of the Data Warehousing Workbench (transaction RSA1).


Transaction RSA1 cannot be used for tests for technical reasons. However, you can test most of the function areas of RSA1 using transaction RS_AWB_REMOTE.

Trace Tool Environment

In the trace tool environment (transaction RSTT), the trace tool allows you to record and play back user activities for a particular area of application.


In the reporting, planning, and OLAP technology application area, you can save selected executions of queries and the subsequent query navigation, as well as particular actions in the planning modeler on a long-term basis.

In addition, you can define, execute, and evaluate automatic regression tests in the integrated CAT tool of the trace tool environment.


In the reporting, planning, and OLAP technology application area, the processing of automatic regression tests checks the functional accuracy and completeness of query results (SAP BEx) as well as of query result sets that are required and stored by the Planning Modeler.

For more information, seeTrace Tool Environment.


The following restrictions apply:

  • You cannot test the SAP BEx tools using eCATT because they are not based on ABAP technology.
  • Up to now there were no test plans or eCATT scenarios available for delivery with SAP NetWeaver BW.