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Problem Description

This problem analysis scenario describes the approach in order to investigate and resolve connection errors to the Adobe document services that are accessed from an ABAP environment.

When a connection error appears, one of the following messages is displayed:

  • SOAP Runtime Exception
  • Invalid HTTP connection
  • No system respond, timeout

    Scenario Type:

    Error analysis

    SAP NetWeaver Component:

    SAP NetWeaver AS, Adobe Document Services


    SAP NetWeaver 7.1

Possible Error Sources

Error Source Analysis

Faulty connection

Configuration error

See SAP Note 944221

Decision Roadmap


You need to have access to the following systems:

  • AS Java that hosts the Adobe document services (HTTP connection)
  • AS ABAP that hosts the ABAP application (SAP GUI connection)

In order to change configuration settings you need the appropriate user rights.

Main Tools


  • SE38 (SA38)
  • SM59


See SAP Note 944221.


See SAP Note 944221.