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 Creating Fixed Value AppendsLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Open the Repository Browser (transaction code SE80) and navigate to the domain that you want to enhance.
  2. Double-click on the domain.

    The domain maintenance screen appears in display mode.

  3. Choose Goto → Fixed Value Append.
  4. If no other appends have been created for the table, a dialog box appears where you must enter the name of the fixed value append. The name of the fixed value append must be in the customer namespace.

    If appends were already created for the table, they are displayed in a list. Choose  with the quick info text Create Append to open the dialog box for entering the name.

  5. Choose  with the quick info text Continue.

    The maintenance screen for fixed value appends appears.

  6. Enter a suitable short description in the Short Description field.
  7. Choose the Value Range tab page and enter the additional fixed values.

    You can display any existing fixed values of the domain by choosing Show Domain Values.

  8. Choose  with the quick info text Save.
  9. Choose  with the quick info text Activate.

    Fixed value appends are created in systems other than the original system of the domain and are assigned to a separate transport object.