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You can specify in the configuration of theavailability monitoring with CCMSPING whether and how application servers and logon groups of this system are monitored. You have two options here:

  • You can use a monitoring rule that defines for the system how application servers and logon groups are monitored (seeCreating and Changing Monitoring Rules).
  • You can modify the monitoring of individual servers and groups directly in the user interface of the ALV Tree Control. This procedure is described here.

This procedure is part of theConfiguring Availability Monitoring process. It is therefore a prerequisite that you have already performed the part of the process that is to be performed before this procedure.

  1. The system is displaying the Configure Availability and Performance Overviewscreen. To edit the monitoring settings (defined by the valid monitoring rules) for one or more systems, follow the procedure below:

  2. To change monitoring settings for individual application servers or logon groups, expand the subtrees of the corresponding system and select the desired checkboxes.
  3. To change the monitoring settings for multiple application servers or logon groups, choose the column title of the desired monitoring type with the right mouse button and choose for which servers/groups you want to activate/deactivate monitoring in the context menu.

    You want to set up the Server pingfor all application servers of systems J11, J12, and J13. To do this, select these systems and choose the Expand Subtree () button. Now right-click Server Ping column title, and choose Select Visible Items in the context menu.

  4. Save your changes.

You have changed the monitoring settings for the selected systems.

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