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Configuring the TREXWebServer.ini INI FileLocate this document in the navigation structure


To prepare the TREX name server for HTTPS, change the communication protocol from HTTP to HTTPS in the configuration file TREXWebServer.ini and enter the name of the keystore (SAPSSLS.pse) that you created already for the configuration of secure communication between theTREX preprocessor and the Web server of the application using TREX (seeGenerating a Keystore Using SAPGENPSE).

If you have already configured secure communication (HTTPS) between theTREX Web server and the TREX Java Client, you have already made both changes in the configuration file TREXWebServer.ini (seeConfiguring Secure Communication on the Web Server).


  1. Using a text editor, open the configuration file< TREX_Directory>\TREXWebServer.ini on the host on which the TREX Web server is installed.
  2. In the section [HTTPServer], change the parameterURL from httpto https:URL=https://<%trexserver%>:3<trex_instance_number>44/TREXHttpServer/TREXHttpServer.dll
  3. In the same section, for the parametercertfile, enter the value SAPSSLS.pse for the keystore used.



certfile = <homedirectory>/sec/SAPSSLS.pse

This port number 38444 is valid for a TREX installation with the instance number 48.

  1. Save the TREXWebServer.inifile and close the text editor.
  2. You have to restart TREX in order for the changes to the configuration file TREXWebServer.inito be accepted by TREX.