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Specifying Filter NavigationLocate this document in the navigation structure


On the Filter Navigation tab page, you can specify characteristics or a control query so that the system precalculates several documents with different filter settings from the same query or Web application.

These filter values provide you with a navigation option in the precalculated document. You can select the filter values using dropdown boxes in the navigation block.


You can make the following settings:

  • No Filtering: The system precalculates an unfiltered document.
  • Filtering Using Selected Characteristics: The system precalculates several documents with various filter settings according to your chosen settings.
    1. Select the required characteristic and specify the required filter values using Create Filter Values.

      You can specify a maximum of two characteristics.

    2. If, in addition to the filtered document, you want to precalculate a document that is not filtered according to this characteristic value, choose Add Unfiltered View.
  • Filtering Using Control Query: The system precalculates several documents with various filter settings. The filters correspond to the characteristic combinations of the control query that you specified.

    Specify the desired control query in the Control Queryfield either manually or by using Selection.


    The top five customers according to sales are displayed in the control query. The system precalculates five documents so that you can navigate between the five different views in the precalculated file. If the control query of the top five customers contains a results row, the system also precalculates an unfiltered view in which you can see the sales data for all customers.

    For more information about the Top N operator for the creation of this type of ranking list, seeConditions.