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Support Package stacks provide regular updates. SAP Notes provide urgent corrections and solutions for smaller problems.


We recommend always keeping your system up to date.


Perform the following tasks whenever necessary:

Task Description Tool

Import Support Package stacks

You can make the updates using the described standard processes for Application Server ABAP and Application Server Java. You can find the available Support Packages on SAP Service Marketplace at

For more information, see the documentation on the SAP NetWeaver software logistics.

You can find special patching information on content and specific binding dependencies between Support Packages for SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BEx components for the specific Support Package in the SAPBWNEWS composite SAP Notes. Refer to the respective Support Package Stack Guides for the individual Support Packages. You can find this guide on SAP Service Marketplace at

For more information about Support Packages for SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BEx, see the SAP Community Network at - → SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse → BW Patching Information.

Support Package Manager (ABAP)

Java Support Package Manager

Implement individual corrections

To solve smaller problems, individual corrections are included in SAP Notes.

SAP Notes can be found in SAP Service Marketplace at

SAP Note Assistant (transaction code SNOTE) for ABAP components of SAP NetWeaver BW.

Additional Information

Hot News informs you about potentially critical situations. Hot News appears as a system message in the SAP Support Portal.