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The object key has the following elements for a receiver determination:

  • Sender communication component

  • Sender Party (optional)

  • Outbound interface operation

These elements identify an inbound message uniquely: The name of the sender system (communication component) identifies the source of the inbound message, the outbound interface operation defines the details of the message, for example, the communication mode and the structure of the message.

The key of a receiver determination is therefore defined so that it uniquely identifies a specific message that comes from a specific sender. If this message arrives at runtime at the Integration Engine or the Advanced Adapter Engine, the receiver determination whose key matches the inbound message is evaluated. The attributes of the relevant receiver determination can then be applied for this message. In this way it is determined which receiver the message is to be sent to and which routing conditions are to be applied.

The keys of the other configuration objects are built according to the same logic.