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 Merging Cells in an HTML TableLocate this document in the navigation structure


To arrange Web items horizontally and vertically in the optimum way, without line breaks, you can use an HTML table. You can apply this grid as required. You can also merge cells that are situated next to each other in the table.


You have called the Web Application Designer and have included an HTML table to your Web template. For more information about inserting an HTML table, see Designing the Layout of Web Templates .


SAP recommends that you only merge cells in tables if you have not already inserted Web items.


Merging cells (in this example) in an HTML table with two columns and two rows:


For technical reasons, you can only merge cells horizontally.

  1. Add some text to both cells and then select the texts.
  2. In the Web Application Designer menu bar, choose Table → Merge Cells (the Merge Cells menu entry is now active). You now see one cell instead of two.
  3. Delete the texts in the newly created cell.