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GRMG: Inserting the Monitored URL into the Alert TextLocate this document in the navigation structure


By default, an alert for availability monitoring with GRMG or GRMG Lite does not include the monitored URL, but rather the HTTP status of the monitored URL. You can indirectly see the URL for which the alert has occurred by the scenario subtree in which the alert is shown.

However, you can also have the monitored URL displayed in the alert text. The auto-reaction method GRMG_URL_LOOKUP_AUTOREACTION is available to you for this purpose. If you assign this method to the node Status of the GRMG availability monitoring, this method performs the following steps if an alert occurs:

  • The method creates a new monitoring object called GRMG Alerts with URLs in the GRMG monitoring context of the corresponding scenario.

  • In this monitoring object, an alert is generated in the status attribute Alerts with GRMG URL; the alert text is the monitored URL.

  • If you set the parameter COMPLETE_ALERTS in the method definition of GRMG_URL_LOOKUP_AUTOREACTION, the original alert (without the URL in the alert text) is automatically completed. This means that you can ensure that if a GRMG component is not available once, you also have only one active alert.


  1. Start the Alert Monitor by calling transaction RZ20.
  2. Start the monitor Availability and Performance Overview from the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates monitor set.
  3. Expand the subtree for the desired GRMG scenario, and select the Status node.
  4. Choose the Properties button, and choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Method Assignment for MTE Class End of the navigation path.
  5. Switch to change mode by choosing the Display/Change button. In the Auto-Reaction Method group box, choose the Method Name radio button and, in the associated field, enter the name GRMG_URL_LOOKUP_AUTOREACTION.
  6. Save your changes.