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If a field has a check table, the set of all possible entries in the field is defined by the contents of this check table. (For more information, see Foreign Keys .) The contents of the key fields of the check table are automatically offered in the input help. If a text table is defined for the check table, the system also displays the contents of the first text field of this text table in the user's logon language.

The input help coming from the check table can be further edited by assigning a search help to the check table. The assigned search help can then be used by all screen fields that are checked against the table.

If a search help is attached to a check table, it display the data contained in this check table. In this case, the check table itself or a view of this check table must be given as the selection method of the search help.

When a search help is assigned to a check table, there must be an assignment between the key fields of the check table and the parameters of the search help. If an export parameter of the search help is assigned to a key field of the check table, the contents of this parameter are returned to the corresponding screen field. This happens immediately when you select a line of the hit list in the input help. If an import parameter of the search help is assigned to a key field of the check table, the field contents are used for the value selection. (For more information, see Value Transport for the Input Help .)

The search help attachment is part of the definition of the table/structure to which the search help is attached. For more information about attaching a search help to a table, see Creating Tables .


The system checks field CONNID (number of the flight connection) of table SFLIGHT (flights) against table SPFLI (flight schedule). The elementary search help H_SPFLI (search for flights by cities of departure and arrival) is allocated to table SPFLI. This search help is available for the CONNID field when data is entered in table SFLIGHT.

Search help H_SPFLI does not contain a client field since for the input help the selection is made in the logon client of the user.

The following figure describes the relations between the tables and the search help in our example. You can see the actions that the system performs when you use the input help for field Connect.