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Web item you use to insert other Web templates into a Web template.


Using the Web Template Web item, you can easily manage consistent sections in your Web applications centrally in a Web template and can integrate them into any Web templates as required. This allows you, for example, to define a header or footer section with the corporate logo and heading as a Web template and then integrate this Web template into your Web applications as a Web Template Web item. This Web template is then inserted at runtime. In contrast to HTML frame technology, the system does not generate a new page during this process. The context of the main template remains the same.


Note that you cannot insert a Web template in a Web template into another Web template.


The Web Template Web item has the following parameter:

Parameter Description

Web Template


You use this parameter to enter the technical name of the Web template to be inserted.

After you set the Web Template (TEMPLATE) parameter, you save the Web template. When you reopen this Web template, the contents of the inserted Web template are displayed with all Web items and data providers. This allows you to overwrite the Web item and data provider parameters of the inserted Web template directly in the layout view of the Web Application Designer.

For more information about using the Web Template Web item and its functions, see Web Template .