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Adding Content to a Transport PackageLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have created a transport package.


You have the following options for adding content to a transport package: adding individual objects, adding just a folder, adding a folder together with the objects it contains.


  1. In the Portal Catalog, in the context menu of the transport package, choose Start of the navigation path Open Next navigation step Package Content End of the navigation path. The Transport Package Content editor opens.
  2. In the Portal Catalog, in the context menu of the object to add, choose Add to Transport Package and one of the following options:
    • Object : Adds a single portal object or folder (without the folder content) to the package

    • All Objects : Adds a folder and all its contents to the package

    • As Synchronized Folder : Dynamically adds a folder and its contents to the package

      As long as the package has not been exported, the contents of a synchronized folder change according to changes made to the source objects in Portal Content.

      The synchronized folder is visible in the transport package; however, its contents are not visible.

  3. Transport content dependencies.

    Much of the content packaged for transport references additional portal content objects, which cannot specifically be included in the transport package.

    1. To view dependencies and determine which to export, from the link bar, choose Dependencies .

    2. The Managing Dependencies page allows you to choose and filter the reference types to export.

  4. Filter dependent objects.

    You can filter dependent objects to determine that only objects belonging to a certain namespace are exported.

    • In the Properties editor, set the value of the References Filter property, under the category Export Settings , as desired.

    By default, the namespace prefix of the package, which was defined in the general properties page of the wizard when the export package was created, is automatically entered in this field followed by an asterisk as a wild card, for example, com.<company_name>*

  5. Set the transport mode.
    1. In the Properties editor of the package, from the Show Categories dropdown list, choose Export Settings .

    2. Configure the Transport Mode property to determine exactly what you transport; the values are as follows:

      • data - Content only

      • text only - Only the text associated with the content

      • data and acl - Content with permissions

      • acl only - Permissions (ACL is the access control list of each content object

  6. Finalize the list of content in the Package Content editor. You can use the following functions:
    • Use Remove to delete selected objects from the transport package.

    • Add existing packages to a transport package and export them.

    • Use the Properties link to display the properties of a selected object in the package.

    • Use Preview to display a selected page or iView contained in the package.