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Creating Business ScenariosLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have accessed the business scenario configuration screen. For more information, see Configuring the Consumer Side of Business Scenarios .


Creating a Scenario

  1. Choose New .

  2. In the General step, enter the name and description of the scenario and then choose Next .

  3. In the Consumer Side step, add Service Groups to the business scenario and then assign provider systems to the Service Groups, as follows:

    1. Add a Service Group to the business scenario. For more information, see Adding and Removing Service Groups .

    2. Choose a Service Group from the table, and then choose Assign Provider System .

    3. In the Assign Provider System window, choose a provider system, and then choose OK .

      For more information, see the Assigning and Deassigning a Provider System to a Service Group section below.

  4. In the Provider Side step, add the provided services to the scenario and then assign the profile to the provided services, as follows:

    1. Add a service to the business scenario. For more information, see Adding and Removing Services .

    2. Choose a provided service from the table and then choose Assign Profile .

    3. In the Assign Profile window, choose a profile and then choose OK .

  5. Choose Finish .

Assigning and Deassigning Provider Systems to Service Groups

  • Assign a provider system to a Service Group

    1. Choose a Service Group from the table.

    2. Choose Assign Provider System .

      The Assign Provider System window opens.

    3. To find provider systems, in the Value field, enter a system name and then choose Go .

      You can use an asterisk (*), or a question mark (?), as wildcards in the search string.

    4. Select an entry from the table, and then choose OK .

  • Unassign a provider system

    1. To unassign a provider system from a Service Group, choose an entry from the Service Groups table.

    2. Choose Deassign Provider System .


The system creates the new business scenario. You can activate it and modify its details as necessary.