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With job monitoring, you can monitor individual jobs in the Alert Monitor with regard to status and runtime. This is an important extension of the monitoring of the background runtime environment (see Background Processing Monitor), in which the general status of the SAP background processing is monitored (for example, with regard to utilization or job terminations).

The job monitoring is used to monitor jobs that run regularly, that are always scheduled using a particular name or name pattern (such as a fixed job name with a timestamp). A job of this type is called a job chain.


To be able to use job monitoring, you must first specify which jobs are to be monitored. You must also activate the data collection method that collects the data of the selected jobs. These two steps are described in Setting Up the Monitoring of Jobs with the Alert Monitor.

We also recommend that you create a separate monitor to allow a clear display of the data and maintenance of the threshold values. For information about the creation and structure of this monitor, see Background Job Monitoring Monitor.


Job monitoring provides the following data:

  • ·        The status of the current job in a job chain
  • ·        The job log of the current job of a job chain, if it already exists
  • ·        The delay of the current job of a job chain, if the start time has already been exceeded
  • ·        The runtime of the current job of a job chain, if the job is already running or is finished
  • ·        The total of runtime and delay
  • ·        A history of the behavior of the entire job chain

Alerts can also be generated, with the following prerequisites:

  • ·        If a job of the job chain terminates
  • ·        If a certain message occurs in the job log
  • ·        If threshold values are exceeded for a job of the job chain for



The total of runtime and delay