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 Requesting an Update of a Repository


From the central system, you can request an update of the subordinate System Component Repositories (SCR) of other systems. This is especially useful if you have made configuration changes in other systems (new clients, RFC destinations, servers, and so on), and want the changes to be immediately visible in the central repository.


You must have defined the repository of your system as the central repository and have defined the repositories for which you want to request an update as subordinate repositories (see also Role of a System Component Repository and Creating a Central Repository).


  1. Choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.
  2. Choose Technical Infrastructure → System Repository → Request Update (central ¬ local). The system displays a dialog box in which the systems are listed whose SCRs are defined as subordinate to your system. Choose the desired systems.

Instead of requesting an update of a subordinate SCR from the central system, you can schedule a background job that updates the central repository for regular execution on the subordinate system. This job is CCMS_REPOSITORY_RECONCILIATION (see Updating the Central Repository).


The updated data of the desired subordinate repositories is now available in the central repository.

The system has not updated the subordinate repository on its own system.