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You can change the properties (such as threshold values) assigned to monitoring objects directly in the Alert Monitor. The properties of a node can come from two sources in this situation:

In most cases, it is useful to change the properties of all of the MTEs in an MTE class or an attribute group (such as the dialog response times for all application servers) at the same time. Therefore, the properties of an MTE are also determined, by default, by its associated MTE class/attribute group.

Properties are grouped in properties variants. If you have created your own properties variant, you can specify when changing a property, the properties variant for which this change applies.


If you want to obtain an overview of the specific properties of the performance attributes of a monitor, display the threshold values technical view .

  1. 1.      Choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20.
  2. 2.      Choose a monitor from the monitor sets.
  3. 3.      Select one or more nodes in the Alert Monitor and choose Properties.
  4. 4.      If you have selected multiple nodes, you can switch between the properties of the selected MTEs using the Previous select.Obj. () and Next select. Obj. () pushbuttons.

    ·         If the general properties come from an MTE class the system displays the message Use the properties of the MTE class assigned in the General tab page.

    ·         If the specific properties are taken from an attribute group, the name of the attribute group is displayed at the top of the relevant tab page (performance attribute, log attribute, or status attribute)

  5. 5.      Choose change mode with the Display «Change () pushbutton.
  6. 6.      If you want to change the specification for whether your changes apply only to this MTE or to the entire MTE class or attribute group, choose Edit → Properties → Use for MTE Class/Group or Edit → Properties → Use Only for MTE.
  7. 7.      Make the required changes.
  8. 8.      Save your changes. Only if you have created your own properties variant does a screen appear in which you can choose the variant in which the changes are made. By default, the active variant is preselected.

    The variants in which you have made a change are proposed as the default setting when you next change properties. This applies until you leave the Alert Monitor.

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