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The Central Performance History of the monitoring architecture allows you to save performance values of the monitoring architecture long-term, and to output these values in reports to compare the current performance data with its earlier development.

The system only collects values for the MTE classes that you have selected for this purpose. You do this by assigning MTE classes to Collection and Reorganization Schemata. These schemata contain information about how long, and in which resolution, performance values should be collected. To obtain an overview of this type of which data is collected in the Central Performance History, you required the collection and reorganization schemata that are assigned to the individual nodes.

The view displays the following information:

  • ·        Assigned collection and reorganization schema
  • ·        Resolution of the collected performance values
  • ·        Collection method (see Collecting and Reorganizing Performance Values)
  • ·        Time zone of the data collection (if explicitly specified)

To activate the Central Performance History technical view, follow the procedure below:

  1. 1.      Choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20.
  2. 2.      Expand the monitor set that contains the monitor that you require, and choose Load Monitor.
  3. 3.      Choose Views → Collect./Reorg.Schema Assignment, or choose Display Assignments of the Central Performance History (). The alert tree now no longer displays the alert status and reported values, but the assigned Collection and Performance Schemata.