Start Level 1 Node: Data MiningData MiningEnd Level 1 Node: Data Mining
   Start Level 1 Node: Decision TreesDecision TreesEnd Level 1 Node: Decision Trees
   Start Level 1 Node: ScoringScoringEnd Level 1 Node: Scoring
      Start Level 2 Node: Regression AnalysisRegression AnalysisEnd Level 2 Node: Regression Analysis
         Start Level 3 Node: Special Settings for Regression AnalysisSpecial Settings for Regression AnalysisEnd Level 3 Node: Special Settings for Regression Analysis
      Start Level 2 Node: Weighted Score TablesWeighted Score TablesEnd Level 2 Node: Weighted Score Tables
         Start Level 3 Node: Special Settings for Weighted Score TablesSpecial Settings for Weighted Score TablesEnd Level 3 Node: Special Settings for Weighted Score Tables
      Start Level 2 Node: Settings for All Function TypesSettings for All Function TypesEnd Level 2 Node: Settings for All Function Types
   Start Level 1 Node: ABC ClassificationABC ClassificationEnd Level 1 Node: ABC Classification
      Start Level 2 Node: Model SettingsModel SettingsEnd Level 2 Node: Model Settings
      Start Level 2 Node: Classification RulesClassification RulesEnd Level 2 Node: Classification Rules
   Start Level 1 Node: ClusteringClusteringEnd Level 1 Node: Clustering
   Start Level 1 Node: Association AnalysisAssociation AnalysisEnd Level 1 Node: Association Analysis
   Start Level 1 Node: Activities in the Data Mining WorkbenchActivities in the Data Mining WorkbenchEnd Level 1 Node: Activities in the Data Mining Workbench
      Start Level 2 Node: Creating, Changing, and Activating a ModelCreating, Changing, and Activating a ModelEnd Level 2 Node: Creating, Changing, and Activating a Model
      Start Level 2 Node: Resetting or Deleting a ModelResetting or Deleting a ModelEnd Level 2 Node: Resetting or Deleting a Model
      Start Level 2 Node: Executing What If AnalysisExecuting What If AnalysisEnd Level 2 Node: Executing What If Analysis
      Start Level 2 Node: Using the Where Used ListUsing the Where Used ListEnd Level 2 Node: Using the Where Used List
      Start Level 2 Node: Exporting Model as PMMLExporting Model as PMMLEnd Level 2 Node: Exporting Model as PMML
      Start Level 2 Node: Maintaining DataSource for Association RulesMaintaining DataSource for Association RulesEnd Level 2 Node: Maintaining DataSource for Association Rules
   Start Level 1 Node: Activities in the Analysis Process Designer (APD)Activities in the Analysis Process Designer (APD)End Level 1 Node: Activities in the Analysis Process Designer (APD)
      Start Level 2 Node: Creating Analysis Process for TrainingCreating Analysis Process for TrainingEnd Level 2 Node: Creating Analysis Process for Training
      Start Level 2 Node: Analysis Process for Data Mining TransformationsAnalysis Process for Data Mining TransformationsEnd Level 2 Node: Analysis Process for Data Mining Transformations
         Start Level 3 Node: Analysis Process for Executing the PredictionAnalysis Process for Executing the PredictionEnd Level 3 Node: Analysis Process for Executing the Prediction
            Start Level 4 Node: Evaluating a Decision Tree ModelEvaluating a Decision Tree ModelEnd Level 4 Node: Evaluating a Decision Tree Model
         Start Level 3 Node: Transformation for Weighted Score TablesTransformation for Weighted Score TablesEnd Level 3 Node: Transformation for Weighted Score Tables
         Start Level 3 Node: Transformation for ABC ClassificationTransformation for ABC ClassificationEnd Level 3 Node: Transformation for ABC Classification
   Start Level 1 Node: Loading Mining Results into SAP NetWeaver BWLoading Mining Results into SAP NetWeaver BWEnd Level 1 Node: Loading Mining Results into SAP NetWeaver BW
   Start Level 1 Node: Loading Mining Results into SAP CRMLoading Mining Results into SAP CRMEnd Level 1 Node: Loading Mining Results into SAP CRM