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Problem Description

This problem analysis scenario describes the approach in order to investigate and resolve connection errors to the Adobe Document Services (ADS) that are accessed from a Java environment.

When a connection error appears, the following message is displayed and simultaneously written to the Web Dynpro log file with a complete error stack trace:

Service call exception , PDFObjectRuntimeException

The nested exceptions are:

  • ConnectException
  • MalformedURLException
  • SocketTimeoutException

    Scenario Type:

    Error analysis

    SAP NetWeaver Component:

    SAP NetWeaver AS, Adobe Document Services


    SAP NetWeaver 7.1

Possible Error Sources

Error Source Analysis

Faulty connection

Check configuration settings

Decision Roadmap


You need to have access to the following systems:

  • AS Java that hosts the Java Web Dynpro application (HTTP connection)
  • AS Java that hosts the Adobe document services (HTTP connection)

In order to change configuration settings you need the appropriate user rights.

Main Tools

Web Services Navigator


First of all you should check the general availability of the document services. If this does not solve the connection problem, you have to investigate configuration settings that might be erroneous.


Checking by using the Web Services Navigator

You should check the availability of the Adobe document services by calling the Web Services Navigator.

  1. Enter the following URL in your Web browser: http://<host>:<port> .

You have to enter the host name and the port number of the AS Java that runs the Adobe document services.

  1. Choose Web Services Navigator
  2. In the list, choose com.adobe/AdobeDocumentServces_com.adobe_AdobeDocumentServicesVi
  3. ChooserpData.
  4. Choose Execute without entering any parameters.
  5. Enter the user name ADSUser and the password and press OK.
  6. If the configuration is correct, the system displays the version number of the Adobe document services in the response area.

    You can ignore the message Required stream: "PDFDocument" not found.

Checking the existence of Adobe document services in inspection.wsil

  1. Call the URL http://<host>:<port>/inspection.wsil
  2. In the dialog box, enter ADSUser and the appropriate password.
  3. The system displays an XML file listing all available services.
  4. Search for the string Adobe to see, if Adobe document services are available.
  5. If you do not find anything related to Adobe, you must check the configuration settings. See the following topics in the Adobe Document Services Configuration Guide: