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The CCMS monitoring infrastructure makes the most important overview data and alerts for an entire system landscape available centrally. It is a flexible infrastructure that can be extended as required: You can easily add monitoring and alert functions for every SAP NetWeaver component. This means that the component is visible in the CCMS Alert Monitor of SAP NetWeaver and can be monitored: A system operator can then monitor the status of the component using the Alert Monitor (and other CCMS monitors).

Integration into the CCMS monitoring infrastructure provides the following advantages:

  • The component can be monitored locally or centrally.
  • Online monitoring data and alerts can be displayed and administered for the component.
  • Online data and alerts are available through interfaces to other applications such as SAP Solution Manager or certified system management products.
  • Programs can be automatically started based on alerts (for example, notification by mail).
  • If an alert occurs, you can provide assistance for the administrator to solve the problem through an analysis method.
  • Performance values can be stored centrally, transferred to a BW, and analyzed centrally there.

Every developer (SAP, partner, or customer) can add components to the CCMS monitoring infrastructure; he or she only needs to write a data supplier to do this. A data supplier is an ABAP program that is connected to the CCMS monitoring infrastructure and forwards information about the component to be monitored to the CCMS monitoring infrastructure. The CCMS monitoring infrastructure displays the component, its data and alerts in the alert monitor (transaction RZ20), SAP NetWeaver Administrator, SAP Solution Manager, and so on.

This document explains the creation of a data supplier using the ABAP interface contained in the CCMS monitoring infrastructure.

The term data supplier is used here for all programs that provide monitoring functions. There are two types of data suppliers:

  • Passive data suppliers or data collection methods

    These data suppliers are periodically started by the monitoring architecture and are formally defined there. "Passive" describes the behavior of the data supplier: It is started by the CCMS monitoring infrastructure.


    A passive data supplier collects the users logged on to the system every five minutes.

  • Active data suppliers

    These data suppliers are started by the monitored application itself and not by the CCMS monitoring infrastructure. These data suppliers are "active" in their start behavior in relation to the CCMS monitoring infrastructure.


    If a message is written to the system (transaction SM21), it is also reported to the CCMS monitoring infrastructure at the same time.

The following overview documentation confines itself to passive data suppliers under ABAP. For a complete description of the interface, see the document Writing a Data Supplier.

To download the document, start the SAP Developer Network ( published on SAP site), and go to the SAP NetWeaver Developers' Guide Quick Link. Choose Application Development → System Management → System Management Development, and in the ABAP System Management area, select the specified document.


For a detailed description of a data supplier that reports the number of users currently logged on to the CCMS monitoring infrastructure, refer to Data Supplier for the Users Currently Logged On.