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SAP delivers a large selection of predefined monitors with the Alert Monitor with which you can monitor your IT landscape. All of these monitors are constructed with rule monitoring tree elements so that you can use them without alteration for your own monitoring tasks even if your IT landscape changes.


The predefined monitors are split into the following monitor sets:

  • SAP CCMS Monitor Templates

    The monitors in the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates monitor set display the monitoring objects and attributes that are crucial for the monitoring of your SAP systems and which are used for normal system administration.

  • SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors

    You can use the monitors in the SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors monitor set to analyze problems and monitor the monitoring architecture. For example, you can use the CCMS Selfmonitoring monitor for internal monitoring or All Monitoring Contexts to view all available contexts in your local system.

  • SAP CCMS Technical Operation Templates

    Use this monitor set for regular monitoring of your system landscape. The monitors in this set contain a selection of the most important messages and performance values for both Java and ABAP system (see also Tasks).

  • SAP CCMS Monitors for Optional Components

    The monitors in this set provide monitoring functions for components that are not part of the standard SAP system.

  • SAP J2EE Monitor Templates

    Use the monitors in this set to monitor the AS Java.

  • SAP Web Service Monitor Templates

    This set contains the Web Service Monitor.


You cannot change monitors delivered by SAP. However, to use one of the monitors in this set as a template for your own monitor, first copy the desired monitor.

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