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You can use the monitoring architecture to monitor a large number of servers in different systems and to display the results in preconfigured or individually-created monitors. Use the technical topology display to obtain an overview at any time of the connections to SAP systems, segments, contexts, or CCMS agents that are known to the monitoring architecture.

The technical topology display is an analysis tool for experts and is not intended as an every-day instrument for use with CCMS monitoring that is functioning correctly. Use the display if connection problems occur with remote SAP systems or agents. You can also use the topology display to obtain an overview of your system landscape from the point of view of the central monitoring system.

You can quickly isolate connection problems and test connections using the hierarchy of systems, segments, and contexts. You can also obtain a quick overview of which monitoring segments, application servers, or CCMS agents are currently online.


The technical topology replaces the previous functions Segment Overview and Context Overview, which have fewer features, a simple list display, and do not allow you to switch between segments and contexts. The old functions also do not allow you to display segments or contexts from remote, monitored SAP systems.


The topology display shows the following data in four tab pages:

  • Display of Monitored Systems

    The system displays all systems known to the monitoring architecture with their most important properties. If you double-click one of the displayed systems, the topology display shows three tab pages: the Segments, Contexts, and CCMS Agents of the selected system, rather than those for the local system.

  • Display of the Segments

    A monitoring segment is the memory area in shared memory of an instance that the monitoring architecture uses for all active contexts and collected monitoring attributes. A monitoring segment therefore includes all active components and data.

  • Display of the Contexts

    A monitoring context is the uppermost node of a monitoring tree and contains all associated monitoring objects and monitoring attributes. A context is unique both in a segment and at system level. A segment can contain various contexts.

  • Display of the CCMS Agents for all monitored SAP systems

    This tab page contains all of the functions required to obtain an overview of the CCMS agents and NetWeaver management agents that are registered with your local system.


    On this tab page, you can also obtain information about all CCMSPING Availability Agents that are registered with the local system.

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