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The following functions are available in the technical topology:

  • Displaying the connection status and other details for monitored systems, monitoring segments, and monitoring contexts
  • Displaying the CCMS agents in all monitored systems
  • Performing connection tests within this environment

In the topology display, you can see systems, segments, and contexts that are monitored by the CCMS monitoring architecture. The system displays the connection status and other values that are important for controlling the CCMS monitoring for all of these objects.

For details about the display, see:

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To call the topology display, choose Tools → CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitorin the SAP Easy Access Menu, or call transaction RZ21. You have two options for starting the technical topology there:

Starting the Topology Display Through the Menu

Choose Technical Infrastructure → Display Topology. The system displays the Monitoring: Display Technical Topology screen. There are four tab pages on the screen:

  • Monitored, remote SAP systems
  • Local segments
  • Local contexts
  • CCMS agents that are registered with the monitoring architecture of the local system, broken down into three groups with tab pages:
    • Agents for the local system, these are SAPCCMSR agents that monitor non-SAP servers
    • Agents for all remote SAP systems; these are SAPCCM4X agents, which monitor SAP systems as of SAP Basis 4.x
    • Agents for SAP Basis 3.x systems; these are SAPCM3X agents

The segments and contexts for the local system are always displayed on the initial screen. If you are interested in segments and contexts of a remote system, choose the relevant system by double-clicking it. The logon screen of the system then appears. After you have logged on, the system displays three tab pages: Segments, Contexts, and CCMS Agents for the selected remote system. The agents that the system displays in this case are the agents that are installed on the selected system and that report their data to the local system.

Starting the Topology Displaying Using the Topology Group Box

On the initial screen of transaction RZ21, there is a Topology group box with the following radio buttons:

  • System Overview
  • Segment Overview
  • Context Overview
  • Agents for Local System
  • Agents for Remote Systems
  • Agents for 3.x Systems

Select the desired radio button and choose Display Overview. The display of the segments, contexts, and agents using the corresponding radio buttons always refers to the local system (even the Agents for Remote Systems are registered with the local system as the central monitoring system). If you require the corresponding data for remote systems, first choose the System Overview and then select the desired system by double-clicking it.


In the contexts display, all contexts of the relevant system are always displayed. To display only contexts of a particular monitoring segment, choose the desired segment by double-clicking it. The system opens another window with the contexts of the selected segment.

Tailoring the Layout

You can tailor the layout to your requirements, for example, by showing columns that are hidden by default.