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You can use the Data Federator interface in the SAP NetWeaver BW system to read data in a query.

This has the advantage that you can calculate in the Analytic Server standard aggregations (SUM, MIN, MAX), formulas before aggregation that are totaled (+, -, constant factor), as well as unit conversions and currency translations, before you read the data. Queries with structures that are not too complex are particularly suitable for use as InfoProviders.


For more information, see Using Queries as InfoProviders.

In addition, you cannot use the following functions, if you want use the Data Federator interface for further processing of query data:

  • Constant selection

  • Formulas with quotients such as prices

  • Formulas with exception aggregation. In this case, key figures are aggregated using a special method, with relation to one specific characteristic. These key figures are not visible in the Data Federator.


The following convention applies: The system uses Q tables for queries. For example, if a query has the technical name MYQUERY, the Data Federator table is given the technical name QMYQUERY and the InfoProvider is given the name @QMYQUERY.