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You can use the Performance Overview monitor to obtain the most important values about the performance of the application servers of your system and to identify possible causes for performance problems. The various subtrees are taken from the following monitors of the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates monitor set; you can also find additional information about the relevant monitoring tree elements there.


The monitor contains the following monitoring tree elements (MTEs):

MTE Name (MTE Class) Meaning

ResponseTime (R3DialogResponseTime)

Response time of the dialog service

UsersLoggedIn (R3UsersLoggedIn)

Number of users logged on

QueueTime (R3DialogQueueTime)

Average time in the dispatcher wait queue

Load+GenTime (R3DialogLoad+GenTime)

Average load and generation time of CUA objects

DBRequestTime (R3DialogDbReqTime)

Average time for processing logical database requests

R3RollUsed (R3RollUsed)

Usage of the roll area as a percentage.

The roll area is a memory area of a fixed, configurable size that belongs to a work process; it contains user-specific data and is the first memory that a work process obtains.

EsAct (R3MemMgmtEsAct)

Utilization of the extended memory as a percentage.

The extended memory contains the largest part of the user context. The page management of this memory is performed not by the operating system, but directly by the SAP system.

HeapAct (R3MemMgmtHeapAct)

Utilization of the private memory as a percentage.

A work process is only assigned private memory if the roll area and extended memory are occupied; the work process is then reserved for the current user context until the end of the transaction (PRIV mode). Performance problems occur if too many dialog work processes are running in PRIV mode.

Program\Swap (R3BufferProgramSwap)

Swap rate of the program buffer

CPU_Utilization (CPU_Utilization)

Average utilization of the CPU on a host as a percentage

Page_In (Page_In)

Average number of page-ins per second

Page_Out (Page_Out)

Average number of page-outs per second


To start the monitor, follow the procedure below:

  1. Start the Alert Monitor using transaction RZ20 or choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor.
  2. On the CCMS Monitor Sets screen, expand the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates set.
  3. Start the Performance Overview monitor from the list by double-clicking it.