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MIME Repository Purpose The MIME Repository serves as storage for all MIME objects (for example, PDF files, images, ZIP files and so on) in a SAP system. The MIME objects are stored as development objects in the SAP database and are represented in the MIME Repository as a hierarchy of items and folders.


The MIME Repository is fully integrated in the Object Navigator. To display the MIME Repository, start the Object Navigator (SE80) and in the navigation area choose the MIME Repository pushbutton. If the MIME Repository switch button is not visible, choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Settings Next navigation step Workbench (General) Next navigation step Browser Selection Next navigation step MIME Repository End of the navigation path.



For each Web Dynpro ABAP or BSP application, the system automatically creates an identically-named folder in the MIME Repository, which stores only application-specific MIME objects.

The folder /SAP/PUBLIC contains MIME objects that can be used by multiple software components:

  • MIME objects accessible to all BSP applications are available at /SAP/BC/BSP/[namespace]/PUBLIC .

  • MIME objects accessible to all Web Dynpro applications are available at /SAP/BC/WebDynpro/[namespace]/PUBLIC .

Referencing MIME Objects

MIME objects are referenced by means of relative paths. For example:

  • <img src="mypicture.jpg"> refers to a folder in the current application

  • <img src="../public/another_application/mypicture.jpg"> refers to the public folder.

Structure of the MIME Repository

The following figure illustrates the structure of the MIME Repository.


In the case of customer developments, the system accesses the corresponding folders in the customer namespace.