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The state of a switch determines the behavior of the switchable repository objects.

Switch States

The table below outlines the impact of each switch state:

Switch States and Their Impact

In this state The switched objects do this


The objects behave like all non-switchable objects.


The system behaves as if the objects do not exist.


  • Switches on all declarative repository objects, that is, all switchable objects of the ABAP Dictionary and all static source code enhancements.

    See the ABAP statements ENHANCEMENT POINT and ENHANCEMENT - SECTION with the STATIC addition in the ABAP keyword documentation.

  • Other switchable objects remain OFF

All switches, except conflict switches , are switched on when the business function they are assigned to is switched on.

When a switch is switched on, the ABAP Dictionary objects and the BC sets connected to it are activated and the programs with enhancements are invalidated. The next time you use a program with enhancements, it is recompiled with the enhancements switched on. Conflict switches are also switched on if, after switching on the business function, the conflict still exists.

If you change and activate a switch that is switched on, again the ABAP Dictionary objects are activated and the programs are invalidated. Depending on the scale of the changes, the process can take several minutes. That is why the activation of switches is always executed in the background.

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