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Properties in View Designer

You can find information about integrating an InteractiveForm UI element into a component in Integrating (Interactive) Forms.

  • dataSource

    This property is bound to context nodes containing the data for the form.

  • ┬ádisplayType:

    The layout type of the form.

    Value Description

    Native (standard)

    For ZCI forms


    For ACF forms

    Note that this enumeration value is deprecated. For newly created InteractiveForm UI elements the ABAP Workbench only provides the native value.

  • enabled

    Specifies whether the form is interactive or a (non-interactive) print form.

    If the value is selected, an interactive form is displayed. If the property is not selected, the form is only displayed to be printed.

  • jobProfile

    Property to support job profiles.

    More information: Creating Web Dynpro Applications Using Forms

  • pdfSource

    The PDF document as an XSTRING.

    Make sure that the context attribute bound to the pdfSource property is not inserted into the structure of the context node that is to be used for the data of the PDF form (dataSource). Otherwise this context attribute also appears in the tab Data View of the form builder.

  • readOnly

    Specifies whether the user can change the data in the form or whether it only is to be displayed as read-only. This property is only evaluated if the enabled property is selected.

    This property can be personalized by an administrator. During personalization, this property can be assigned the following value: true

  • templateSource

    This property contains the name of the form template.