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This section describes all the new functions, enhancements and changes for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx) for Support Package Stack 03.

Data Warehousing: Modeling


Type of Change


Graphical Data Flow Modeling


In graphical data flow modeling, the following changes and improvements have been made:

  • When creating a data flow with graphical data flow modeling, you can now use data flow templates provided by SAP.

    More information: Using SAP Data Flow Templates

  • You can now create and show documentation for your data flows and the objects contained in them in Data Flow Maintenance.

    More information: Showing and Creating Documentation

  • Data Flow Maintenance has also been improved in terms of user-friendliness and layout.

    More information: Graphical Modeling

Data Warehousing: Data Warehouse Management


Type of Change


Data archiving process


You can now create a data archiving process for semantically partitioned objects that are based on write-optimized DataStore objects.

More information: Special Features of a Semantically Partitioned Object

Data transfer process


The following changes have been introduced in the data transfer process:

  • For data transfer processes (DTPs) that extract from a standard DataStore objects change log during a full or delta initialization, processing type Parallel Extraction and Processing is now supported.

    The following sources therefore now support parallel extraction: PSA table of the DataSource, write-optimized DataStore object and change log of the standard DataStore object.

  • To also ensure parallelization for Delta DTPs that extract from a standard DataStore object whose delta initialization is not read from a change log, there is also a new processing mode: Parallel Extraction and Processing Except Delta Init.

    When the request is created for this kind of DTP, the processing mode is set dynamically as follows: During delta initialization, the data is extracted in serial form (from the active table with or without archive), and the data packages are processed in parallel processes. The delta requests are then extracted and processed in parallel.

  • With the Parallel Extraction field on the Extraction tab, you can influence the processing type of the data transfer process and - if necessary - switch from processing type Parallel Extraction and Processing to processing type Serial Extraction, Immediate Parallel Processing or vice versa. This can be of advantage for the entire request processing if the consumption of database resources by data competing work processes is too high during parallel extraction..

    For DTPs with sources that support parallel extraction, the field is selected in the standard setting.

analytic manager



Type of Change


BWA Index Maintenance (Transaction RSDDB)


With BWA Index Maintenance (transaction RSDDB) you can now display edit and create BWA indexes for query snapshots as well as the other BW object types that this possible for previously (InfoCubes including semantically partitioned objects, VirtualProviders, hierarchies, master data for input help). For more information, see Indexing BW Data in SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator.

With the BWA index setting Query Behavior Dependent on State of BWA Index you can set how the query will react if the BWA index for an InfoCube (including the InfoCube for a HybridProvider and SPO) or VirtualProvider is inactive or does not exist. More information: Tab Page: BWA Index Settings.

SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator: Scheduling and indexing jobs for periodic execution


For all index-capable object types, you can integrate the indexing job in a process chain as an application process (process chain type Create/Fill BWA Index Initially). This periodic update is particularly useful for queries as InfoProviders. More information: Activation and Provision of Data.



The following things have been changed in the CompositeProvider editing transaction:

  • Your personal choices are saved for the following settings if you leave the transaction by pressing Back: The width of the InfoProvider tree, whether the navigator is activated and whether the technical name is activated.

  • You can now modify the properties of a CompositeProvider's fields at once.

  • Join connections are now displayed in bold.

  • In the context menu for a field, you can view the connection to the next field in color.

More information: Creating CompositeProviders