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SAP provides the SAP Reference IMG to help customers to setup (customize) their SAP System for their requirements. The SAP Reference IMG contains all IMG activities and their documentation, arranged by application components.

To structure the customizing procedure, project groups in the company create a set of customizing projects, in which they reduce the SAP Reference IMG to the required customizing settings. The company can choose a set of countries and components as a reduction criterion, or select individual activities from the complete IMG manually. These company-oriented projects are called project IMGs. Views of project IMGs, which contain for example only critical IMG activities, can be created for further structuring. You can collect project views by specified attributes. These attributes are assigned to IMG activities in the implementation guide (IMG).

See also Customizing Projects.


Technically, the SAP Reference IMG is a set of Hypertext structures.

Each Hypertext or IMG structure contains customizing settings and their documentation.