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ArchiveLink is a service integrated in the SAP Web Application Server for linking archived documents and the application documents entered in the SAP system.

The content links created in this way guarantee you permanent access to the documents. You can display an archived document directly from a related application document. You can also use attributes to search for documents. These functions save you from time-consuming tasks such as copying original documents and searching for process-related information.


To use ArchiveLink, you must have installed a storage system. The document to be stored must already be in, or be converted to electronic format. It does not matter how the document is physically stored in the storage system.


The following documents can be stored in a storage system using ArchiveLink:

  • Incoming documents

  • Outgoing documents

  • Print lists

  • Archive files

Incoming and outgoing documents are linked to the corresponding business objects. A business object is created in the SAP System whenever an application document is entered. The link is written in an ArchiveLink link table while the system is running.

The business object and stored document must be uniquely identified for the link. The business object identification consists of:

  • Client

  • Business Object Type (object type for short)

  • Business object ID (Object ID for short)

The stored document identification consists of:

  • Content Repository ID

  • Document ID

The diagram below illustrates all the link entry data in the link entry table:

Different sorts of multiple references are possible, for example one stored document can be linked to several business objects, or several stored documents can be linked to one business object.