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Rolling Up Data to a SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator IndexLocate this document in the navigation structure


As with relational aggregates, the data consistency of the InfoCube and SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator index is based on request handling in the BW system. When you load new data packages (requests) into the InfoCube, these are not immediately available for use in a BW accelerator index for reporting purposes. As with aggregates, the process that writes new data to the BW Accelerator index is rollup.


If you replace the relational aggregates in an InfoCube with a BW Accelerator index, you do not have to make further changes in the process chains or other settings. The process and the associated programs are identical.

  • New data packages (requests) have been loaded into an InfoCube.

  • BW Accelerator indexes for this InfoCube have been activated and filled with data.


As with relational aggregates, you have to exit data rollup after loading transaction data.

When you rollup data for an InfoCube, the system first loads the new data into any aggregates that exist in the InfoCube, and then determines the delta of the missing records for all the tables that have an index in the BW Accelerator index of the InfoCube and indexes it.


For more information about the different execution modes for this activity, in particular the recommended execution types Including Rollup of Data Packages As a Process in a Process Chain and Starting Rollup of Data Packages Manually (see Rolling Up Data in Aggregates).

If new SIDs are generated when transaction data is loaded, the system also writes new records to the indexes of the S, X and Y tables. This is carried out by the BWA master data delta daemon.


You can define how often this is done using global parameter MD_JOBFREQUENCY. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path BW Accelerator Next navigation step Index Settings Next navigation step Change Global Parameters End of the navigation path on the SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator Monitor screen (transaction RSDDBIAMON2). The Maintain BWA Index Parameters screen appears. The default value is 180 seconds. For more information, see Indexing Process Tab Page.


When the system has indexed all the indexes successfully, the data of the most recent request is released for reporting.


In InfoCube administration, where you can see whether a rollup is missing, running or successful, the system does not differentiate between whether the InfoCube has aggregates or a BW Accelerator index.

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