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Maintaining Portal Server Settings (RSPOR_T_PORTAL)Locate this document in the navigation structure


In the Connected Portalstable (technical name: RSPOR_T_PORTAL), you make various portal server settings.


The table is fully buffered. After this table has been maintained, the table buffer has to be initialized on the BW system application servers. This can be done in the SAP GUI with /$tab.


If you do not maintain this table, the corresponding menu entries for publishing in BEx Web Application Designer and BEx Query Designer are deactivated.

  1. Start the transaction Table View Maintenance(transaction SM30).

  2. Enter RSPOR_T_PORTALas the table.

  3. Choose Maintain.

  4. To create a new entry, choose New Entries.

  5. Maintain the connected portal:


    For Information Broadcasting, you need to maintain the Standard Portal, URL Prefixand KM Metadata Repository Manager Prefixfields. The BEx Broadcaster requires this information in order to offer input help for the Knowledge Management folders. The prefix of the BW Metadata Repository Manager is required for storing online links to queries or BEx Web applications in Knowledge Management. These fields are not required for other application cases.

    • Destination: <RFC_DESTINATION>

      To ensure integration between the BW system and the portal, you have created a RFC destination with the naming convention <BW_SID>_<PORTAL_HOSTNAME>_<PORTAL_SID> in transaction SM59. Enter this RFC destination in the table so that the RFC destination is recognized as a connected portal.

      More information: Creating an RFC Destination in the ABAP System

    • System name: <SYSTEMALIAS>

      The System Namefield is the same as the alias in the BW system. The alias is defined in the portal. The system name allows iViews in SAP NetWeaver Portal to be assigned uniquely to a BW system.

      More information: Creating BW Systems in the Portal

    • Standard Portal

      In the table, you have to select just one portal to set it as the default portal. When you select folders in BEx Broadcaster, the selected portal is used.

      You can overwrite the default portal with parameter ID RSPOR_DEFAULT_PORTAL(SET/GET parameter):

      1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step User Profile Next navigation step Own Data End of the navigation path.

      2. On the Parametertab page, enter parameter ID RSPOR_DEFAULT_PORTALand the corresponding parameter value. The parameter value is the name of the RFC destination from the Connected Portalstable.


      The field contains the URL to the portal, including the protocol, host name and port. For example, http://<portalserver><domain>:<port>

    • KM Metadata Repository Manager Prefix: <KM_RM_METADATA_PREFIX>

      This prefix (for example, /bw_metadata) is set when the Repository Manager is configured.

      More information: Configuring the Repository Manager for BW Metadata

    • BW CM Repository Prefix Metadata/Master Data/InfoProvider Data: <BW_DOCUMENT_PREFIX>

      When migrating BW documents to the CM repository, the system automatically enters the target CM repository for each document class in table RSPOR_T_PORTAL. If you are not migrating data for this document class, or the entry is incorrect, enter the prefix (for example, /bw_documents) under which you store BW documents for metadata in the portal.

      More information: BW Documents in Knowledge Management

    • Use SAP Export Lib (PDF)

      Select this field if you want to activate the Export Library for SAP NetWeaver. This allows PDF, PostScript and PCL files to be exported from BEx Web applications.

    • Font Directory

      If you have selected the Use SAP Export Lib (PDF)field and you want to use other fonts as well as the standard font, enter the file system path to the folder containing the required TrueType fonts on the portal server. (Example for Windows: c:/windows/fonts). Note that this font path is the Java server path.

    • Use HTTPS for Adobe (PDF)

      Select this field if you want to use Adobe Document Services instead of the Export Library for SAP NetWeaver BW and you want to use the https transfer protocol for communication between the application server and Adobe Document Services.

    • "My Portfolio" Directory

  6. Save your entries.


Start BEx Web Application Designer. In the Start of the navigation path Web Template Next navigation step Publish End of the navigation pathmenu, the To Portalentry has been activated.