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Creating BW Systems in the PortalLocate this document in the navigation structure


The BW system must be set up in the portal so that content from BW can be displayed in it. The system is entered in the Portal System Landscape Directory .

  1. Log on to the portal.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step System Landscape End of the navigation path.


    The systems are maintained with the Portal Content Studio. For more information about using the Portal Content Studio, see Integration Using the Portal Content Studio .

  3. In the context menu for the System Landscape folder in the portal catalog, choose Start of the navigation path New  Next navigation step System End of the navigation path.

  4. Choose R/3 with Load Balancing ( SAP_R3_LoadBalancing ) or Dedicated Application Server for R/3-System ( SAP_R3_Dedicated ) as a template.

  5. Maintain the most important properties with the property category Display All .

    • Logon Method: SAPLOGONTICKET or UIDPW

    • Type of User Assignment: admin, user

    • Type of Ticket Authentication: SAP assertion ticket

    • logical system name <BW System ID>CLNT<CLIENT>


      This is the recommended convention for logical system names, consisting of the system ID and the client.

    • Remote Host Type: 3

    • SAP Client: <CLIENT>

    • SAP System ID (SID) [R/3 Name]: <SID>

    • System Type: SAP_BW

    • System Name: <SID>CLNT<CLIENT>

    • WAS Description: <DESCRIPTION>

    • WAS Host Name: <HOST NAME WITH DOMAIN>:<Message Server PORT> (depends on the protocol selected: HTTP Port or HTTPS Port)

    • WAS Path: /sap/bw/bex

    • WAS Protocol: http or https

    • ITS Description: <DESCRIPTION>

    • ITS Host Name: <HOST NAME WITH DOMAIN>:<Message Server PORT> (depends on the protocol selected: HTTP Port or HTTPS Port)

    • ITS Path: /sap/bw/gui/sap/its/webgui

    • ITS Log: http or https


      All system information is related to the BW system.

      You can find the WAS Hostname , WAS Path and WAS Protocol settings using function module RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET (transaction code SE37).

    • BW Directory Provider: true

      If this flag is set, the BW system is displayed in the open dialog when you select queries or InfoProviders. It is normally advisable to activate this property.

    • BW Documents for InfoProvider: <KM_REPOSITORY_PATH>

    • BW Documents for Master Data: <KM_REPOSITORY_PATH>

    • BW Documents for Metadata: <KM_REPOSITORY_PATH>

      The BW Documents for InfoProvider, Master Data and Metadata properties contain the path to Knowledge Management. Prior to the migration of the BW documents, the path corresponds to the prefix of the BW Document Repository Manager. When the documents are migrated to the CM repository, the properties are replaced automatically by the paths to the CM repository.

    • BW Master System: true

      The BW Master System property means that the BW system is the central store for the portal. The BW master system is used to read and execute Web templates. The executable BEx Web runtime requires one BW master sytem in a portal.

    To use Drag&Relate, you have to maintain the following properties:

    • Admin User ID (DQE): <USER>

    • Admin Password (DQE): <PASSWORD>

      The Distributed Query Engine (DQE) executes the requests to the BW system with the Admin User above.

    If you are using R/3 with Load Balancing ( SAP_R3_LoadBalancing ), you also have to set the following properties:

    • Group: <GROUP>

    • Message Server: <MESSAGE_SERVER>

    • Server Port: <SERVER_PORT>


      The server port is often maintained by system administrators on the local PC in the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\services file. The system server port is entered into the file as sapms<SID> .

    If you are using a Dedicated Application Server for R/3 System ( SAP_R3_Dedicated ), you also need to set the following properties:

    • Application Host: <HOSTNAME>

    • Gateway Host: <HOSTNAME>

    • Gateway Service: <SERVICE>

    • SAP System Number: <NUMBER>

  6. In the System Aliases view, maintain two aliases for the system.


    Multiple system aliases can be defined for a BW system.

    The system alias must be entered in the Connected Portals table.

    To use the Business Explorer example role, alias SAP_BW has to be maintained. You also need a <System ID>CLNT<CLIENT> alias. This alias is the default alias.

  7. Save your entries.


You can use the Connection Tests view to check the above settings. Only SAP AS Connection and Connection Test for Connectors are relevant however.